AngLo's JET (Junior English Training) After School Hours

Dear Parents,
             A special Greetings from AngLo!
We sincerely extend our warm gratitudes to all of you who have been waiting for years to let your children step into AngLo.

Yes, It's time to let them start their journey of Effective English Communication. We had been experimenting a lot of possibilities for the past 15 years and finally deviced a new ever before promising Training module for students of standard 2nd to 7th.

Being a one year Training programme, it focuses on Grammar, Pronunciation, Accent, Vocabulary Improvement, Writing, Reading, Speaking and Discussions which would fine tune the confidence level of the students and project them as correct, dynamic and stylish users of English.

In the last couple of years, children had been quite far away from regular and day-to-day interaction with Class Teachers and fellow friends at school. In that situation, children did not find much chances to interact with teachers even online where too many students were brought under one Teacher which made the children fail to communicate with the Teacher and clarify all their doubts.

Hence, AngLo has started this AngLo's JET (Junior English Training)after School hours Programme to bring a tiny group of Students in a batch online to be able to interact with the Trainer and strengthen various areas of English at their own phase and freely interact with other students as well for gaining confidence to communicate effectively.

Online Training (3 days a week):

AngLo's JET (Junior English Training) , after school hours, English Training will be held online from 6.00pm to 7.00pm or 7.00pm to 8.00pm any one hour a day.

AngLo's Live Online Training AngLo's Live Online Training AngLo's Live Online Training AngLo's Live Online Training

Classroom Training (Every Saturday):
AngLo's JET (Junior English Training) , after school hours, English Training will be held online from 4pm to 8pm any three hours.

AngLo's Live Classroom Training AngLo's Live Classroom Training AngLo's Live Classroom Training

Course Content :
  • 1.Functional Grammar
  • 2.Pronunciation with Phonetics Symbols and Sounds
  • 3.Vocabulary (3 letters, 4 letters....upto 10 letters)
  • 4.Writing small paras and letters
  • 5.Reading Activities
  • 6.Interaction Effective Speaking
  • 7.Group Discussions
  • 8.Presentations
Success Assured!

Hard work and Honesty are the secrets of AngLo's Success!!
Since it's an ongoing training programme, you may enroll your kids and commence the training any day.

For more information call up +91 7550008595 or email to

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AngLo's Live Online Training

   Why English Training at AngLo?

   1. ISO 9001 Certified (Organisation for International Standard)/ 16th Year in Chennai
   2. India's Biggest training Team having Modulewise Trainers.
   3. Experienced Trainers Trained by AngLo.
   4.AngLo's modules are of actual and high standards
   5.One of the Top Institutions in India getting 5 Star Ratings
   6.Received 9 state, national and international level Awards and citation for the Excellence in the field of Eduation.
   7.AngLo is an Authorised Agent for British Council and IDP Education Australia in assisting candidates aspiring for IELTS Examination
   8.AngLo provides Original and latest Book Materials by Original Cambridge University press.
   9.Every participant spends enough time with a particular module trainer everyday to get explanation, correction and feedback
   10.AngLo extends support in enhancing the participant's Vocabulary & Pronunciation by making available high level phrases, idioms and Phonetics in training modules

AngLo English+ for School Students

Fluency Training for Effective Speaking


Original Cambridge Materials & AngLo's Kit for Effective Training.

Growth Prospects

Effective Explanation, Drills and Evaluation to ensure student's development

Schedule of Training

Customised Training Schedule for every module to everyone

Digital Support

AngLo extends Vocabulary and Pronunciation support made available online for round the clock support Apps

   Course Details :

       Duration : 1 Year

       Mode of Training : Online (using G-Meet) / Offline (in-person)

       Days for Online Students : Monday,Wednesday and Friday OR Tuesday,Thursday and Saturday

       Days for Offline Students : Every Saturday

       Time : After School Hours

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