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    Empowering Young Indians through Effective Communication.

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    One-2-one Regular and Online Training for Academic / General Training at Flexible timings.

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    One-2-One Effective Training for Proessionals, Corporate Employees, Students and Job seekers.

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    IT Profssionals, BPO and MNC Employees may strengthen your Accent to interact with Native Speakers from US and UK.

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    Test of English as a Foreign Language Internet Based Test to Work / Study in USA.

About us

10th year in Chennai

Welcome to AngLo, centre for ENGLISH, IELTS,TOEFL iBT and Accent Training!
AngLo is headed by Dr. R. Janakiraman having more than 23 years of creative and hands on experience in Training people from all walks of life. India’s largest One-2-One training team of module wise experts at AngLo , under the dynamic guidance and leadership of the Director, Dr.Janakiraman, is readily and enthusiastically waiting to pamper people who are really in need of a perfect guidance in English, be it IELTS, TOEFL, Spoken English or Accent Training.
The most effective and interesting way of learning is practiced at AngLo ENGLISH an ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified center in Chennai. One-to-one training at participant's convenient timing is the highlight of the center. Special Speaking Training by Teachers from UK & USA through skype for effective pronunciation and accent training. Our module wise best score in IELTS is 9 out of 9 in Reading,9 out of 9 in Listening,9 out of 9 in Speaking and our over all score is 8 out of 9 and our TOEFL iBT Score is 107/120. Having separate and smart trainers for various activities AngLo follows a unique system of training and goes all out to bring SUCCESS to all its participants. AngLo extends training for the participants of other countries also. So distance never matters, yes, it's truly worldwide.

AngLo's Advantages : Regular & FastTrack , 10th year in Chennai with 23 years of Training Experience.
Successful One-to-One World Class training with 20+ Trainers at Unbelievable Fee!
- IELTS / TOEFL iBT - 6 weeks
- Voice and Accent - 4 weeks
- ENGLISH Fluency - 8 weeks
- SPOKEN English - 8 weeks
- Effective Writing for corporate people -4 weeks
- Effective Speaking for corporate people -4weeks

- IELTS / TOEFL iBT - 3 weeks
- ENGLISH Fluency - 4 weeks
- Voice and Accent - 2 weeks
- SPOKEN English - 4 weeks
- Effective Writing for corporate people -2 weeks
- Effective Speaking for corporate people -2weeks

WEEK-END (One-2-One on Saturdays)
- IELTS / TOEFL iBT - 10 weeks
- Voice and Accent - 10 weeks
- ENGLISH Fluency - 12 weeks
- SPOKEN English - 12 weeks
- Effective Writing for corporate people -10 weeks
- Effective Speaking for corporate people -10 weeks

Experienced Indian,Anglo-Indian, US and UK Trainers....
Special and Flexible timings for Professionals, Business People, Employees, Nurses, Students and Housewives .......Success Assured!

AngLo's Largest Training Team

For every module a number of experienced trainers to complete your training Successfully.

Grammar& Drills


Listening & Activity


Writing & Reading


Speaking & Phonetics

Jai Ganesh

Specialities of our Institution

One-2-One Training at Flexible Timing for your Success in English / IELTS


Original Cambridge Materials for IELTS,ENGLISH and ACCENT Training.

Growth Prospects

Effective Explanation, Drills and Evaluation to ensure your development

Schedule of Training

Customised Training Schedule for every module to every participant

Digital Support

AngLo extends Vocabulary and Pronunciation support thro SMS,Mail and Android Apps

Dr.Janakiraman's Message:

Dear Prospective Participants,

I express my gratitude whole heartedly for taking efforts in reaching us online. I , as an ordinary Indian , have understood the problems of communications and related examinations faced by every Indian in India. Hence, I've put in major part of my life in creating solutions for serious communication problems of young Indians which made me to grab more than 9 national and international Awards. AngLo follows a unique one-2-one training system which enables participants to understand better and makes them feel pleasant. Besides training the participants towards achieving maximum scores on modules such as Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking it also ensures the stylish and correct accent that helps people to effectively establish their communication with Native Speakers and effortlessly migrate to any English speaking country with a lot of courage and confidence.

Finally, instead of a single trainer training many participants, we, at AngLo, have MANY TRAINERS for training every SINGLE PARTICIPANT.

With all these unimaginable comforts, AngLo is the only place to achieve your best within the shortest possible time. Except distance if you find ONE valid reason to ignore AngLo, please let us know.

Wish you all success!

Dr.Janakraman R, Director. AngLo English, Chennai.
Mobile : +91 9360203905 / Phone : +91 44 4554 8542
Our One-2-One Courses

Every course at AngLo is customised according to Participants' needs.

Achievements and Feedback
Under the dynamic guidance of the Director Dr.R.Janakiraman and the dedicated support of AngLo's experienced Trainers, with AngLo's unique and Effective Schedule of Training arrangement, many of our participants have achieved the highest scores overall and modulewise as well. Congratulations!
AngLo has grabbed State, National and International Awards for its Achievements and Excellence in Education. All the dedicated Trainers, sincere participants, supporters and well wishers across the world deserve the Director's Bow.

Award Title

1.Bharat Vidya Shiromani Award
2.Viswa Jyothi Award
3.Rashtria Gaurav Gold Medal Award
4.Pride of International Education Excellence Award
5.Golden Achiever Award and Gold Medal
6.Bharat Vibhushan Samman Puraskar
7.Rajiv Gandhi Education Excellence Award
8.Life Time Education Achievement Award
9.Certificate of Appreciation from IG of Police,Intelligence,TN.
  • in IELTS
    9 / 9
    in Reading


Listening : 8 / 9
Speaking 7 / 9
Reading : 8.5 / 9
Writing 8 / 9

  • in IELTS
    8 / 9
    in Writing


Listening : 8 / 9
Speaking 8 / 9
Reading : 8 / 9
Writing 7.5 / 9

  • in IELTS
    9 / 9
    in Listening


Listening : 9 / 9
Speaking 7.5 / 9
Reading : 9 / 9
Writing 7 / 9

  • in IELTS
    9 / 9
    in Speaking

Ms.Virosha Cindha

Listening : 8.5 / 9
Speaking 8 / 9
Reading : 8.0 / 9
Writing 7.5 / 9

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