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    IT Profssionals, BPO and MNC Employees may strengthen your Accent to interact with Native Speakers from US and UK.

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Online Training For IELTS and ENGLISH (One-2-One)

AngLo IELTS ENGLISH, an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Training Center for language development has extended its training activities for those who are unable to reach AngLo to attend their regular class room coaching. The most effective and interesting way of learning is practiced at AngLo ENGLISH an ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified center in Chennai. One-to-one training at participant's convenient timing is the highlight of the center be it IELTS,TOEFL,ENGLISH or Accent Training. Speaking Faculty from UK & USA for real time accent training. Our module wise best score in IELTS is 9 out of 9 in Speaking , Reading and Listening, over all score is 8 out of 9 and TOEFL iBT Score is 107/120. Having separate and smart trainers for various activities AngLo follows a unique system of training and goes all out to bring SUCCESS to all its participants. AngLo extends training for the participants of other countries also. So distance never matters, yes, it's truly worldwide. One can successfully complete the training within 60 hours without any compromise on quality. IELTS at its best is practiced only at AngLo to ensure better understanding of the participants and help them achieve their required Band Scores effortlessly. Some IELTS aspirants are busy with their schedules while some other do not have access to Quality Training Centers in their respective areas. Therefore, with true service mind the AngLo’s Training Team has extended this Distance Education Programme. Interested participants may commence their IELTS Training being at their own place immediately and effortlessly.

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is widely recognised as reliable means of assessing the language ability of candidates who need to study or work where English is the language of Communication. IELTS is owned by three partners: The University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations,The British Council and IDP-Education, Australia.
IELTS consists of six modules.All candidates take the same listening and speaking modules There is a choice of Reading and Writing modules according to whether a candidate is taking the Academic or General Training version of the test.

ACADEMIC : 1. For entry to UnderGraduate or Post Graduate studies, 2. For Professional reasons.

GENERAL TRAINING : 1.For entry to vocational or training programme not at degree level, 2.For admission to secondary level, 3.For immigration purpose.

Special and Flexible timings for Professionals, Business People, Employees, Nurses, Students and Housewives .......Success Assured!

If you are unable to set aside time to reach AngLo for Regular Training.... Pay and take Training online spending an hour with our trainers everyday from any part of the world.

Our Online training hours(10 am to 1.30 pm / 4 pm to 8 pm IST). Choose any one hour...

1. Online IELTS Course Contents and Outline

BASIC BRUSHUP - if required..
Tense and Voice
Reported Speech
Conjunctions & Prepositions
Phonetics Symbols and Sounds
Pronunciation Drills ( British Accent )
Techniques of Pronunciation
Elimination of Mother Tongue Influence
Script based Listening for Sections 1 and 3
Lecture based Listening for Sections 2 and 4
Listening Test (4 test practices..)
Sentence Formation Rules
Effective Sentence Construction
Subject Object Tails (Complex)
Essay-Techniques (Task-2)
Points Collection Ideas
Graph(AT) / Letter(GT) -Techniques for Task-1
Essays ( upto 10 essays...)
Graph / Letter Writing ( upto 4 tasks)
Reading Tests (4 test practices..)
Skimming Drills
Reading Techniques
Question Analysis Drills
Sentence Recognition Drills
Word power Test
Final Reading Tests (upto 4 Test Practices)
Effective Self Introduction
Phonetics & Pronunciation Training
Question Answers (General & Special Topics)
How to Handle Part1,Part2 and Part3
Effective Speaking on any given topic
Daily Activity to know how to learn and best use vocabulary
Phrases and Idioms ( for Effective Writing and Speaking )
Adjectives and Adverbs for efficient and easy coverage
Words & Collocations to show your proficiency
Words Pattern to strengthen your Writing and

100% Success Assured if you are committed!

2.ENGLISH Communication (Intermediate) -
One-2-One Online Training

Assessment on Speaking, Writing and Listening
Refreshing Tense and Voice
Fluency Drills
Vocabulary Development:
Adjectives & Adverbs
Daily Worksheet
Learning Idioms & Phrases
One word substitutes
Words Collections

Writing Skills:
Sentence Formation & Pattern
Effective Sentence Structure
Essay/Article Writing Techniques
Letter Writing

Learning Phonetics ( Symbols & Sounds)
Listening to Original British and American Pronunciation

Speaking with Indian Trainers
Final Assessment on Speaking, Writing and Listening

Who can do this?

Professionals working for MNCs, BPOs and Call Centers
Anybody who is able to fairly communicate but not very comfortable with British / American Accent
People who wish to work for MNCs, BPOs and Call Centers
People who wish to communicate effectively.

Hard work and Honesty are the secrets of AngLo's Success!!

Since it's a one-2-one training arrangement, you may commence your training at anytime.

A big team is waiting to provide you a valuable and a pleasant experience.

   Why IELTS at AngLo?

   1. ISO 9001 Certified (Organisation for International Standard)/ 9 Years in Chennai
   2. India's Biggest training Team having 16+ Trainers under one roof. 5 to 6 trainers are assigned for every student
   3. Achieved the high score in IELTS many times :
      Reading : Band 9
      Listening : Band 9
      Speaking : Band 9
      Writing : Band 8
      Overall : Band 8
   4.AngLo's modules are of actual and high standards that are close to MA Eng. Technical Writing and Intl. journals
   5.One of the Top Institutions in India getting 5 Star Ratings and 100s of feedback
   6.Received 9 state, national and international level Awards and citation for the Excellence in the field of Eduation.
   7.AngLo is an Authorised Agent for British Council and IDP Education Australia in assisting candidates aspiring for IELTS Examination
   8.AngLo provides only Original and latest Book Materials of Cambridge for IELTS Exams
   9.Every participant spends at least 30 minutes with a particular module trainer everyday to get explanation, correction and feedback
   10.AngLo extends support in enhancing the participant's Vocabulary & Pronunciation by making available high level phrases, idioms and Phonetics in training modules

One-to-One Online Training

One-2-One Training at Flexible Timing for your Success in IELTS / English Training


Original Cambridge Materials for IELTS Testing & ours for Effective Training.

Growth Prospects

Effective Explanation, Drills and Evaluation to ensure your development

Schedule of Training

Customised Training Schedule for every module to everyone

Digital Support

AngLo extends Vocabulary and Pronunciation support thro SMS,Mail and Android Apps

One-2-One Online Training Fees:


Course : IELTS (AT)

Duration : Mon-Fri, 1 hour of live discussion through Skype for 4 Weeks



Course : IELTS (GT)

Duration : Mon-Fri, 1 hour of live discussion through Skype for 4 Weeks



Course : ENGLISH Communication (Intermediate)

Duration : Mon-Fri, 1 hour of live class through Skype everyday for 4 Weeks



[ Please make Full Payment before the commencement of the Training - No installment ]

Time :
Week Days Training hours-> 10am to 1.30 pm / 4.00pm to 8.00 pm ( anytime)

Week-end (Saturday) :
Training hours-> 10am to 1.30 pm / 4.00pm to 8.00 pm ( anytime)
Sunday - Holiday
Achievements of our Participants

Under the effective guidance of AngLo's experienced Trainers, with our Effective Schedule of Training arrangement, many of our participants have achieved the highest scores overall and modulewise as well. Congratulations!

  • IELTS Score


Listening : 8 / 9
Speaking 7 / 9
Reading : 8.5 / 9
Writing 8 / 9

  • IELTS Score


Listening : 8 / 9
Speaking 8 / 9
Reading : 8 / 9
Writing 7.5 / 9

  • IELTS Score


Listening : 9 / 9
Speaking 7.5 / 9
Reading : 9 / 9
Writing 7 / 9

  • IELTS Score

Ms.Virosha Cindha

Listening : 8.5 / 9
Speaking 8 / 9
Reading : 8.0 / 9
Writing 7.5 / 9

Our all time top IELTS Scores :
Ms.Vasumathi, Chennai- Overall : 8/9 | Reading: 9/9 | Listening: 9/9 and Speaking 7.5/9 | Writing: 7/9, Ms.Vidyalakshmi, Chennai- Overall : 8/9 | Reading: 8/9 | Listening: 8/9 and Speaking 8/9 | Writing: 7.5/9, Ms.Pooja, Vellore - Academic Overall : 8/9 | Reading: 8.5/9 | Listening: 8.5/9 and Speaking 8.5/9, Ms.Priyadharshini - Academic Overall : 8/9 | Reading: 9/9 | Listening: 9/9, Mr.Senthil Kumar - GT Overall : 8/9 | Writing: 8/9, Dr.Gigi - Academic Overall : 7.5/9 | Listening: 9/9, Mr.Sudhakar - GT Overall : 8/9 | Reading: 8.5 / 9 | Listening: 8/9, Ms.Nitha - Academic Overall : 8/9 | Reading:9/9 | Listening: 8.5/9, Ms.Aishwarya - Academic Overall : 8/9 | Speaking: 9/9| Listening: 8.5/9, Ms.Jane Elizabeth - Academic Overall : 8/9 | Speaking: 7.5/9| Writing: 7.5 / 9, Ms.Virosha Cindha - GT Overall : 8/9 | Speaking: 8/9| Writing: 7.5/9, Mr.Ram - Overall : 8/9 | Listening : 8.5/9 | Reading : 8.5/9 | Writing : 7/9 | Speaking : 7/9, Mr.Deepak - Overall : 7.5
Mr.Senthilkumar - GT -Writing : 8 / 9, Mr.PapanaBhaskar - GT -Writing : 7 / 9, Ms.Nitha Ann - AT -Writing : 7 / 9, Ms.Aishwarya - AT -Writing : 7 / 9, Ms.Suma Narayanan - GT -Writing : 7 / 9, Ms.Jane Elizabeth - AT -Writing :7.5/9, Ms.Virosha Cindha - GT - Writing : 7.5/9, Ms.SreeLatha - GT -Writing : 7/9, Ms.Vasumathi - GT -Writing : 7/9, Mr.Sajith - GT Writing : 7/9, Ms.Vidyalakshmi - GT Writing : 7.5/9 , Mr.Dilipchandraja - AT Writing : 8/9, Dr.Lushanth - AT - Writing 8/9,
Top IELTS Results
Dr.Soundararaj - (R)9/9 Ms.Vidyalakshmi - (R)8/9 (L)8/9 | (S)8/9 Ms.Vasumathi - (R)9/9 - GT (L)9/9 Mrs.Babitha - (W)7.5 Dr.Lushanth - (S)8/9 Ms.Virosha - (S)8/9 - GT (W)7.5/9 Ms.Sreelatha - (S)7.5/9 - GT (W)7/9 Ms.Vasumathi - (S)7.5/9 - GT (W)7/9 Mr.Sajith - (W)7/9 - GT (R)7.5/9 Mr.Dilipchandraja - (W)8/9 - AT (R)8.5/9

Feedback by an Online Participant

Profile No : 27925
Name : Mr. Ganesh Parameswaran
Course : IELTS - GT

to AngLo, anglochennai@gmail.com

Hello Anglo Team,

Thank you very much for being supportive over the last one month learning period.
I was initially very skeptical to have the classes over Skype. However, it has been a blessing to complete the planned classes with an immense sense of gratification.
During the second half of December, I am likely to be in Chennai back from Perth. I would like to meet all of my tutors as a token of appreciation.
Ps: Guess it will be weird from tomorrow with no further classes to converse and end my day constructively.
My sincere gratitude to all my affable tutors.

Click here for More Achievers of AngLo and their Feedback

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How to Start your Online Training at AngLo.

AngLo has grabbed State, National and International Awards for its Achievements and Excellence in Education.
All the dedicated Trainers, sincere participants, supporters and well wishers across the world deserve the Director's Bow.
Dear Fellow Indians,
This Online training system has been designed and launched by Janakiraman, Director- AngLo English, to extend a special service to Indians abroad and in other parts of the state.
You have 100% Satisfaction guaranteed for your hard earned money and valuable time.
Timing : Any one hour (10.00 am 1.30 pm / 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm IST)

How to start One-2-One Online Training with AngLo?

Step-1 : Ensure you have a PC or Laptop with a Headset and Internet Connection.
Step-2 : Check the availability of the Seat and Time by email (anglochennai@gmail.com) or over phone(+91 44 45548542 / +91 7550008595 / +91 9360203905) and confirm the timing.
Step-3 : Make payment online using NetBanking/Credit Card/Debit Card/Direct Deposit.
Step-4 : Inform your payment details to AngLo by Email/SMS/Phone/Post
Step-5 : Receive Welcome Message from AngLo to Start your First session using 'Skype' interactive mode.
Please Book your seat paying online only after the confirmation of your timing.
Online Training at AngLo is not self Learning, you spend your valuable time with our experienced Trainers.

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